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Electrical - Policies

Facility Modification Policy:

Extension Cord/Line Strip Policy
De-energize >50 V Policy
Permissions and Monitor Policy

When it is not feasible to de-energize equipment due to design, when equipment must be active to test, or where alarms cannot be de-activated, etc.,

Tagouts within the OMEGA, OMEGA EP, and CRYO CT&F Facilities:

Lockout/Tagout Policy

Lockout is defined as the installation of a physical barrier to operation such as a lock or the removal of a connecting link to prevent operation of the component being worked on.

Tagout is defined as the placement of a tag on a breaker, switch, control device, or valve that states "DANGER DO NOT OPERATE."

Danger-Do Not Operate tag

Equipment undergoing maintenance shall be locked/tagged out to prevent inadvertent operation by others. When possible, disconnect tagged-out equipment from its power source and place a tag on a plug or connector to reinforce its offline status.

Under no circumstances will lockout/tagged-out equipment be used without formally clearing the lockout/tagout procedure.

PDF format of the lockout/tagout procedure can be found in Section 4005 of LLEINST 3000.