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Electricity Reference

Electricity is a serious health and safety hazard when not handled properly.

The Shocking Facts: How electricity affects your body

Effects of current on the human body

General relationship for a 60-cycle, 1-second-duration shock:

Current Amplitude Reaction in body
1 mA Faint tingle
5 mA Not painful but disturbing
6 to 25 mA Painful shock, muscular reaction
9 to 30 mA Frozen to conductor
50 to 150 mA Extreme pain, respiratory arrest, contractions
1 to 4 A Ventricular fibrillation
10 A Cardiac arrest, severe burns

Notice that the difference of <100 milliamperes (mA) exists between a current that is disturbing, but not painful, and one that can kill!

Not being able to "let go" due to muscle contractions increases the duration of shock. A current of 100 mA for 3 seconds is equivalent to 900 mA for 0.03 seconds, in effect causing ventricular fibrillation.

The dangers of high-voltage electricity:

Variables that contribute to your skin's resistance to electricity: